Department of Management Services

Register as a SUNCOM Customer

Registering for SUNCOM services is easy. Just follow the steps listed below:


Step 1:

An organization applying to become a new SUNCOM customer completes the online Florida SUNCOM Network Services Agreement. Click on “3 Steps to Get Started” to set up a new organization or user.

For assistance in completing the SUNCOM Network Services Agreement or for additional information on qualifying for SUNCOM services, please call your SUNCOM consultant at 1-888-4SUNCOM or 1-888-478-6266.


Step 2:

To order SUNCOM services, a new customer creates and saves a customer profile when first logging into the SUNCOM CSAB online portal.

The department reviews the new online customer profile to approve customer access to the system based on a set of minimum criteria. To ensure security of customer information and access, new customers will be able to create a SUNCOM CSAB account only when the department confirms customer eligibility. The online system will generate an e-mail to notify the customer when a customer's profile has been accepted.


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