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Communications Service Authorization and Billing System (CSAB)

The Open and Shared Information System is new software for SUNCOM customers to manage their telecommunications accounts and view their charges. The ability to view inventory and place telecommunications orders is being deployed on a service-by-service basis. CSAB uses an innovative combination of technologies to empower SUNCOM customers to track and minimize their charges.

These technologies include:

  • Metadata Tags that will allow customers to label charges, accounts, locations and more, so that tracking, reporting and auditing charges will easier and more complete.
  • A Framework of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that will allow customers and vendors to use CSAB software functions in their custom applications.
  • An Open and Shared Library where customers can store custom applications and use applications written by other customers.
  • Database restructuring that will give customers more flexibility and information and significantly enhance customer management and reporting of telecommunication charges.
  • Messaging tools that will allow CSAB to exchange data in near real time with vendors and customers.

The Bill Viewer module of CSAB, with production data (i.e. containing current, complete and accurate customer charges), is available for any SUNCOM customer to use today. Current user agencies should request access by contacting their organization CSAB administrator. Customers whose organizations are new to CSAB should go to login here and select "3 Steps to Get Started" to request agency access to CSAB.

Available Services
  • Air Cards
  • Audio Conferences
  • Web Conferences
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
  • Florida Information Resource Network  (FIRN)
  • MyFloridaNet (MFN)


CSAB Portal and Login


Online Communication Service Authorization (CSA)

Centralized Order Management System

Help keep your orders in line and documented with powerful database queries for reporting and no storage limitations per order.


Review Orders

Maintain a history of orders submitted and completed. Identify your organization contact for the service ordered. Receive updates when service is to be delivered from the vendor.


Manage Member Ordering Authorizations

Delegate the ability to order service. Have strategic personnel in satellite offices request services for their location. Approve submissions before they go to the vendor for implementation.

Available Services
  • Local Service
  • Long Distance
  • 800 Toll Free Service
  • SUNCOM Telephony Equipment Premise-Based Services (STEPS)
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Project Services (TIPS)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Online CSA System