Department of Management Services

SLERS Contract

725-001-01-1 Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS)

Contract Term: 20 years

Effective Date: 9/28/2000 through 6/30/2021

Contract Manager: Luis Lopez (850) 414-2606

Contract Documents:

Service and Access Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 1.29 MB)

Schedule A - Statement of Work (Adobe PDF Document 1.09 MB)

Schedule B - Acceptance Test Procedures (Adobe PDF Document 4.27 MB)

Schedule C - Existing Contracts (Adobe PDF Document 103.23 KB)

Schedule D - Owned Tangible Equipment (Adobe PDF Document 15.64 KB)

Schedule E - Existing Towers Potentially Available For Conveyance (Adobe PDF Document 165.95 KB)

Schedule F - Long Term Purchase Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 230.15 KB)

Schedule G - User Equipment Maintenance Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 260.62 KB)

Schedule H - Special Conditions (Adobe PDF Document 763.56 KB)

Schedule I - General Conditions (Adobe PDF Document 471.97 KB)

Schedule J - Technology Escrow Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 545.32 KB)

Contract Clarification Letter 1 (Adobe PDF Document 66.09 KB)

Contract Clarification Letter 2 (Adobe PDF Document 135.31 KB)

Contract Clarification Letter 3  (Adobe PDF Document 369.50 KB)

Amendment 1 (Adobe PDF Document 39.04 KB)

Amendment 2 (Adobe PDF Document 2.01 MB)

Amendment 3 (Adobe PDF Document 2.29 MB)

Amendment 4 (Final Acceptance) (Adobe PDF Document 937.74 KB)

Amendment 5 (Adobe PDF Document 856.95 KB)

Amendment 6 (Adobe PDF Document 222.97 KB)

Amendment 7 (Adobe PDF Document 4.73 MB)

Amendment 8 (Adobe PDF Document 3.07 MB)