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State of Florida 911

The State of Florida is strategically focused on the safety of our residents and tourists. As such, the Department of Management Services and the E911 Board are working to transition Florida  to Next Generation 911 (NG-911), which will allow 911 systems to receive all types of emergency communications, including voice, text, data, and multimedia information.

Here is a brief timeline of 911 efforts:

Since 1973, the State of Florida, in conjunction with local counties, has been funding technological advancements in statewide emergency number 911 systems to serve citizens and visitors in emergency situations. Basic service was established statewide in 1997.

In 2005, 911 service was improved in all 67 counties with the implementation of wireline enhanced 911, “E911,” services to obtain the 911 caller’s telephone number and address.

In 2007, the Wireless 911 Board transitioned to the E911 Board for Enhanced 911 Services. Enhancements for Wireless E911 Phase I service provides the call back number and the location of the cell site, and Phase II provides the location information for the cellular caller. This level of service was completed in March 31, 2008.

Counties are currently working on technical, funding, and deployment issues in an effort to provide statewide text-to-911 services. See the Statewide Text-to-911 Initiative webpage for the latest updates on the deployment status.

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Florida E911 Statutes

365.171 - Emergency Communications Number E911 State Plan.
365.172 - Emergency Communications Number "E911."
365.173 - Emergency Communications Number E911 System Fund.
365.174 - Proprietary Confidential Business Information.
365.175 - Emergency Telephone Number 911 Private Branch Exchange.
401.465 - 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification.