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Florida Information Resource Network (FIRN)

The Florida Information Resource Network (FIRN) services offer Internet bundled telecom products specifically for use by E-rate eligible entities.  The services include Internet access, secured Internet, transport, customer premises routers, DNS, DHCP, basic firewall protection, and overall management to maintain the service functioning properly.

FIRN bundled services can be provided to District Area Networks (DAN) as DAN Bundled Services. A DAN consists of a group of educational entities which connect through the area district school for Internet access or for other FIRN connectivity requirements outside their local area.

Additionally FIRN offers a variety of ancillary network services such as on-site security, email, content filtering, data storage and others as listed on the links provided below.

The FIRN services offer the following features and benefits:

Features Benefits
Data transport provided by MFN (MyFloridaNet) MFN transport operates within highest industry standards to secure and deliver data.
Bulk pricing and simplicity Significantly reduced prices with simpler rate structure, easier to manage for end user.
Multi-Regional Internet Gateway Access Multiple Internet Gateways throughout State of Florida providing most efficient access available to Internet
Guaranteed Quality Commitment to users from service providers; strict service level agreements (SLAs).
E-Rate Benefits E-rate compliant to benefit the educational community to ensure E-rate funding for major portion of these services.


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