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Task Force Overview

House Bill 5301, passed during the 2019 Regular Session of the Florida Legislature, established the Florida Cybersecurity Task Force (task force). The task force, as defined in section 20.03(8), Florida Statutes, operates adjunct to the Department of Management Services to review and assess the state's cybersecurity infrastructure, governance, and operations. The task force’s charge is to analyze the current state and potential for improvement in the security program of state government and that of the individual agencies and prioritizing the risks posed by identified threats.

The task force shall convene by October 1, 2019, and shall meet as necessary, but at least quarterly, at the call of the chair. The Division of State Technology within the Department of Management Services shall provide staffing and administrative support.

The expected result is a report defining additions to current technologies, processes, and personnel necessary to close shortfalls, mitigate risk, and protect the data of Florida’s citizens.


Appointed by Governor DeSantis

Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez, Chair (Adobe PDF Document 153.92 KB)

Ben Miron (Adobe PDF Document 141.17 KB)

Bernard Kelly (Adobe PDF Document 144.60 KB)

Dr. Eman el-Sheikh (Adobe PDF Document 154.61 KB)

Jason Raymond (Adobe PDF Document 146.83 KB)

Jeffrey Sturman (Adobe PDF Document 135.37 KB)

Linda Reid (Adobe PDF Document 141.58 KB)

Michael Delgado (Adobe PDF Document 128.67 KB)

Appointed in House Bill 5301

Jared Moskowitz (Adobe PDF Document 122.00 KB)

Melinda Miguel (Adobe PDF Document 173.85 KB)

Mike Phillips (Adobe PDF Document 135.70 KB)

Shane Desguin (Adobe PDF Document 148.45 KB)

Thomas Vaughn (Adobe PDF Document 153.26 KB)


Info Forthcoming

Meeting Materials

October 22, 2019

Meeting Materials (Adobe PDF Document 131.00 KB)