Department of Management Services

Human Resource Management

Serving the State Personnel System and Impacting the Lives of the People of Florida

Florida's state employees are our most valuable resource. They are the face of state government and they provide the necessary services to address the needs of the State of Florida.

The Division of Human Resource Management (HRM) supports the state and its employees by providing effective and efficient human resource programs and services that attract, develop, retain and reward a high performance workforce. HRM establishes the policies, practices and strategies for the State Personnel System (SPS), the largest of the six primary personnel systems in Florida’s state government (excluding the 12 state universities, the Justice Administration System, the State Courts System, the Florida Legislature and the Florida Lottery).  The State Personnel System is the system of personnel administration for authorized Career Service, Selected Exempt Service, and Senior Management Service positions and Other Personal Services employment within 31 Executive branch agencies and includes over 98,000 employees.  In addition, HRM represents the Governor as the Chief Labor Negotiator for the SPS, negotiating wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment with five labor unions representing 13 collective bargaining units covered by 10 contracts.

HRM provides a variety of services and performs a variety of functions in its role as the administrator of the State Personnel System.  These services and functions support the needs of the SPS agencies and assist them in the administration of their human resource management responsibilities.  Summary of services include: 

  • Providing technical assistance and consultative services
  • Establishing and maintaining human resource programs
  • Reviewing and approving changes to agency human resource programs for legal compliance
  • Maintaining classification and compensation plans
  • Developing administrative rules, manuals, guidelines, forms and templates
  • Developing and approving business requirements for the human resource information system
  • Researching, compiling and analyzing workforce statistical information
  • Completing federal and state reporting requirements
  • Providing training and professional development opportunities

It is our goal to make the State Personnel System the model human resource system for the public sector. Through partnerships with entities from the private and public sectors, Human Resource Management researches and analyzes trends, innovations and best practices to incorporate these into human resource policies, practices and strategies to ensure the effective management of the state's most valuable resource – its’ Employees.