Department of Management Services

Employment Policies and Programs


Drug Testing

Section 112.0455, F.S., Drug-Free Workplace Act


Employee Handbook

State of Florida Employee Handbook Template [Rev 11-2016] (Microsoft Word Document 238.16 KB)



Section 112.3135, F.S., Restriction on the employment of relatives


Nursing Mother Provision of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

Administration of the Nursing Mother Provision of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 [Rev 9-9-14] (Adobe PDF Document 166.37 KB)

Break Time for Nursing Mothers

Department of Health Guidance Regarding the Storage of Breast Milk [9-21-10] (Adobe PDF Document 39.94 KB)

Space Usage for Facilities Managed by DMS Regarding Nursing Mothers Requirement [9-21-10] (Adobe PDF Document 35.79 KB)


Personnel Records

Agency Administration of Public Records Exemptions [Rev 08-03-18] (Adobe PDF Document 381.00 KB)

People First Public Records Request Policy (Adobe PDF Document 250.60 KB)

Personnel Records - Maintenance and Collection of Employment Documents in the Personnel File and Employee Data in the Human Resource Information System [Rev. 03-19-18] (Adobe PDF Document 326.13 KB)

Retention of Employment Application (Adobe PDF Document 307.65 KB)

Section 110.201, F.S., Personnel rules, records and reports

Rule 60L-30, F.A.C., Personnel Programs and Records


Political Activities

Federal Hatch Act - Office of the Special Counsel

Section 110.233, F.S., Political activities and unlawful acts prohibited

Rule 60L-36, F.A.C., Conduct of Employees [Rev 4-17-12]


Restriction on the Employment of Ex-Offenders -Agency Reporting Requirement

Agency Reporting Requirements - Restriction on the Employment of Ex-Offenders (Adobe PDF Document 71.85 KB)


Savings Sharing Program

Savings Sharing - Employee Proposal Form (Microsoft Word Document 51.00 KB)

Savings Sharing - Program Procedures [7-22-02] (Microsoft Word Document 718.00 KB)

Savings Sharing - Requests to the Legislative Budget Commission (Microsoft Word Document 30.00 KB)

Section 110.1245, F.S., Savings sharing program; bonus payments; other awards

Rule 60L-37, F.A.C., Savings Sharing Program


Social Media

Social Media - Use by Agencies in the Hiring Process and Personal Use by Employees (Adobe PDF Document 184.68 KB)


State Employee Discount Offers

State Employee Discount Offers [6-29-16] (Adobe PDF Document 185.25 KB)


State Employee Telework Program 

State Employee Telework Program