Department of Management Services

Labor Relations


Collective Bargaining Agreements


HRM Policy Communications

Administrative Leave for Formal Investigations [8-10-11] (Adobe PDF Document 985.93 KB) 

Defining "Continuous Service", "State Government Creditable Service", and Creditable State Employment" [Rev 3-26-18] (Adobe PDF Document 281.24 KB)

Employment Actions Seminar [6-22-16] (Adobe PDF Document 157.22 KB)

General Policies on Workdays, Work Periods, Work Schedules,  and Accommodations for Daylight Saving Time (DST) [Rev. 3-26-18] (Adobe PDF Document 293.79 KB)

Layoff of Career Service Employees on Military Leave (Adobe PDF Document 590.19 KB)

Probationary or Permanent Status [Rev 5-20-15] (Adobe PDF Document 204.28 KB)

Removing Career Service Employees from promotional positions while serving probationary periods [Rev. 8-16-12] (Adobe PDF Document 175.09 KB)

Request for Reassignment, Transfer, Change in Duty Station, Shift Change or Promotion [Rev 3-13-12] (Microsoft Word Document 29.69 KB)

Salary Additives: On-Call/Call-Back [rev. 1-23-14] (Adobe PDF Document 1.08 MB)  

Time Worked Versus Leave for Collective Bargaining Unit Employees (Adobe PDF Document 193.14 KB)


Florida Statutes

Section 110.201(4), F.S., Collective Bargaining

Section 110.227, F.S., Suspensions, Dismissals, Reductions in Pay, Demotions, Layoffs, Transfers, and Grievances

Chapter 447, F.S., Labor Organizations


Florida Administrative Code

Rule 60L-36.005, F.A.C. Disciplinary Standards                                   


Other Resources

Classes Eligible for Special Risk Retirement

Collective Bargaining Unit Designations (Adobe PDF Document 177.74 KB)

DMS Contact List (Adobe PDF Document 63.35 KB)

Impact of Collective Bargaining on Florida State Agencies (Adobe PDF Document 36.29 KB)

Law Enforcement Classes Requiring Written Examination

Overview of Collective Bargaining Units (Adobe PDF Document 12.05 KB)

Union Access to Facilities [12-16-14] (Adobe PDF Document 322.00 KB)

Union Elected Officials, Chief Negotiators, and Legal Representatives [11-30-15] (Adobe PDF Document 55.83 KB)