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HRM Policy Communications

Administration of Veterans’ Preference in the Career Service  (Under Revision)

Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Certification Form [Rev. 02-2012] (Adobe PDF Document 32.63 KB)

Guide to Transition for Career Service Employee (Layoff- Right of First Interview)[Rev May 2015] (Adobe PDF Document 573.72 KB)

Job Candidate Program Manual (Adobe PDF Document 245.80 KB)

Multiple Hires on Rolling Requisitions, [10-4-06] (Adobe PDF Document 82.60 KB) 

Program Manual for Assessing Candidates for Employment [Rev March 2017] (Adobe PDF Document 592.33 KB) 

Recruitment Requisition Data Collection for Reporting Program Manual (Adobe PDF Document 1.12 MB)

Reemployment of Florida Retirement System Retirees in the State Personnel System [7-27-10] (Adobe PDF Document 210.86 KB)

Retention of Employment Applications [rev. 3-30-11] (Adobe PDF Document 307.65 KB)

Request for Reassignment, Transfer, Change in Duty Station, Shift Change or Promotion [Rev 3-13-12] (Microsoft Word Document 29.69 KB)

Selective Service Registration [rev. 6-15-12] (Adobe PDF Document 71.00 KB)

Social Media - Use by Agencies in the Hiring Process and Personal Use by Employees [7-16-12] (Adobe PDF Document 184.68 KB)

Supervisor’s Recruitment and Selection Program Manual [11-30-17] (Adobe PDF Document 664.61 KB)

Veterans’ Preference Documentation Requirements [Rev 8-16-16]  (Adobe PDF Document 147.71 KB)

Veterans' Preference Rule Revision (Adobe PDF Document 314.30 KB)

Veterans’ Recruitment Plan Program Manual [August 2016] (Adobe PDF Document 477.20 KB)


Florida Statutes

Section 110.1127, F.S., Employee Security Checks (Fingerprinting)

Section 110.1128, F.S., Selective Service Registration

Section 110.211, F.S., Recruitment

Section 110.213, F.S., Selection 

Section 110.2135, F.S., Preference in employment, reemployment, promotion and retention

Section 110.217, F.S., Appointment Actions and Status

Chapter 295, F.S., Laws Relating to Veterans; General Provisions


Florida Administrative Code

Rule 60L-33.004, Layoff and Employee Transition

Rule 60L-34.0071, Administrative Leave - Examination and Interviews


Federal Laws/Regulations

50 U.S. Code Section 453, Military Selective Service Act

Uniform Guidelines on Selection

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)


Other Resources

Employment Eligibility Verification

Foreign Nationals

People First Job Search

Selective Service System

Veterans' Preference - An Overview by the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs