Department of Management Services

2009 Accomplishments

Posted: 10/10/2012

Edited: 10/10/2012


Contract Renewal (signed 12/8/2009):

Reduces contract cost by $45 million over the life of the contract.

Improved Performance Metrics:

Provides stronger and more stringent performance standards (e.g., higher percentage, less time to complete, stronger definition, etc.)
Greater Accountability & Transparency: Requires all plans (e.g., training, interface, security) to be maintained and updated as needed; requires NGA to document and update all service center processes, and requires level II security background checks for ALL NGA employees, individual contractors and subcontractors.

New System Enhancements:

Includes 22 new system enhancements; such as, a new medical reimbursement account debit card, recruiting enhancements to the staffing solution, and tools to manage employee performance.

State of Florida Employment Application Update:

The State of Florida Employment Application was updated. This update included removing the Social Security number (SSN) and updating the EEO categories in order to match the federal reporting requirements. Verbiage changes were also made to help applicants understand certain sections of the application better. The updated sections included the selective service and certification sections. The removal of the SSN will ensure that the State is in compliance with F.S. ยง 119.071, as well as help to eliminate potential security and identify theft issues.

Legacy Systems Shutdown:

The People First team has completed the shutdown of ALL DMS HR legacy systems; these include COPES, COPESDIRECT/COPESVIEW, TIMEDIRECT, TRAININGDIRECT, and JOBSDIRECT. All data from the COPESVIEW, TIMEDIRECT, and TRAININGDIRECT databases that is stored in the People First Data Warehouse has been verified. The four year retention period on the JOBSDIRECT data expired in November 2008. Agencies were asked if they had any current or anticipated litigation that would require historical data from the JOBSDIRECT database. Four agencies requested data. Once the data was provided to the agencies the Records Disposition Document was completed and the required signatures obtained. The data was deleted from the database on March 17, 2009.

Agency / University Visits:

The DMS People First Team visited every state agency and university to assess their system needs. A final takeaway log was developed from the issues discussed, and the log was used to determine the key system enhancements that were agreed-to during the Amendment 10 and renewal processes.

Key Performance Indicator Charts:

The Team developed Key Performance Indicator Charts to measure university performance that is critical for the success of the initiative. By measuring data that matters, the chart, Summary of Report Errors by University, showed a 52% decrease in the number of errors in Fiscal Year 2011-12 compared to the previous fiscal year.

OPPAGA/EquaTerra Independent Study:

The legislature approved funds from Specific Appropriation 2874, up to $250,000, to be transferred to the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) to conduct an independent study of the human resource management system, People First. The study and its recommendations shall be provided to the Executive Office of the Governor, the chair of the Senate Fiscal Policy and Calendar Committee, and the chair of the House Policy and Budget Council no later than February 1, 2009. OPPAGA awarded the RFP to EquaTerra to assist with the independent study. EquaTerra provided OPPAGA the final report of their recommendations on Thursday, January 22, 2009.