Department of Management Services

2010 Accomplishments

Posted: 10/10/2012

Edited: 04/16/2013


New Time Interfaces:

Our team, with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and their vendors, implemented new time interfaces for two DCF hospitals. We continue to help DCF and their vendor work through implementation issues and our team continues to play a critical role in ensuring the success of this initiative.

Orlando – Orange County Expressway Authority:

The sub-agency for Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority was added in the People First system on September 25, 2012. As a result of being able to create the entity before Open Enrollment, their employees will be able to make their elections on-line using the open enrollment event.

System Upgrade:

For over two years, the DMS People First Team partnered with NGA to develop state business requirements, make system code changes, perform user acceptance testing, deliver communication and training materials, and deploy over 135 new system enhancements. The implementation of these enhancements was completed July 19, 2010. The entire two-year period was longer than the initial 2002-2004 “go live” period. These enhancements resulted from the May 2008 contract amendment 10 negotiations, and the highlights include:

New branding, images and navigation links
Improved security logging
Improvements to the PAR process
New timesheet
Upgraded Talent Management System

Davis Productivity Award

Our Data Warehouse team received a Davis Productivity Certificate of Commendation for implementing a customized training program that educates participants on how to retrieve human resource data. Human Resource professionals from 22 state agencies were trained. For more information on the 2010 Davis Productivity awards, click here.

2010 Annual Survey

The People First annual survey was e-mailed to 25,000 randomly selected employees and retirees with e-mail addresses. The survey ran from March 8, 2010 through March 19, 2010. We received over 6,200 responses that responded with a 72% overall satisfaction rate. This was a 13% increase in overall satisfaction from the 2007 survey. For more information on the 2010 Annual Survey, click here.