Department of Management Services

2011 Accomplishments

Posted: 10/09/2012

Edited: 01/09/2018


Open Enrollment for 2012 Plan Year:

A successful open enrollment period was managed by the People First team and Division of State Group Insurance. Open enrollment planning and execution proved challenging this year due to the Health Maintenance Organization procurement protests. The enrollment period was shifted back from October to November, and was condensed from four weeks to two weeks. Online enrollment increased to 88 percent (from 86 percent the previous year), indicating that employees received open enrollment communications in a timely manner and that employees are becoming more comfortable with the on-line system. The Open Enrollment period was the culmination of planning, communication and system development between the People First team and the Division of State Group Insurance. These two teams ensured a successful Open Enrollment experience for state employees, retirees and their dependents.

People First Article in HR Magazine

The Department was highlighted in the HR Magazin e, June 2011 edition (see attached). This article, “Salvage, Don’t Scrap ”, provides an historical account of the People First initiative, contract negotiations and major system release successes, as well as tips to leaders of any organization considering a large outsourcing project. David DiSalvo, DMS People First Director, supplemented the article with a white paper: "The Florida Journey“. This paper outlines the journey from the beginning to the State’s current position. HR Magazine has a circulation of more than 250,000 and may be considered the most widely read human resources publication in the world, offering perspective and in-depth information to HR professionals. The magazine is published by one of the world's largest professional associations (Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM) devoted to human resource management.

2011 Annual Survey

The People First annual survey was e-mailed to 25,000 randomly selected employees and retirees with e-mail addresses. The survey ran from March 7, 2011 through March 18, 2011. We received over 5,500 responses that responded with a 76% overall satisfaction rate. This was a 4% increase in overall satisfaction from the 2010 survey. Read more about the Annual Survey.

28-Day, 168-Hour Schedule for the Department of Corrections (DOC):

User acceptance testing was successfully completed and this new schedule was implemented in production on December 17, 2011. The first group of employees (Jefferson Correctional Institution) was moved to this new schedule effective December 23, 2011. DOC plans to run this institution for at least one period prior to moving any other institutions to the new schedule. We will continue to assist in bringing their employees onto this schedule in the coming months.

myMRA Card Implementation:

On January 1, 2011, the myMRA card was implemented. Participants’ Medical Reimbursement Account (MRA) balances are loaded onto the myMRA card in the beginning of the plan year. Participants can pay for eligible medical expenses by “swiping” the myMRA card, much like a debit card. As of February 2012, 14,657 myMRA cards were activated (82% of all cards issued). For Calendar Year 2011, 175,813 out of 218,075 transactions were auto-adjudicated (needing no additional documentation) resulting in an 81% average auto-adjudication rate. Usage of the myMRA card is contingent upon participants “going green.” This means that participants must provide an e-mail address and agree to receive all communications via e-mail in order to use the card. This saves paper and helps promote a cleaner environment for everyone. In addition, participants get their myMRA information faster.

State Employee Salary Database:

In March 2011, the DMS People First Data Warehouse team, in conjunction with the Department's web and portal services section, implemented a web page that lists state employee salary information -- “Florida Has A Right to Know” state employees salary database. This initiative was at the request of the Director of Open Government. The database continues to be updated every Monday.

New Online Job Applicant System:

In June 2011, People First created a new Online Job Application system. This system upgrade makes the application process more intuitive to applicants. It also provides new functionality to assist applicants facing layoff. Hiring managers are now able to more easily identify applicants indicating layoff and provide those eligible their first right to interview.

2011 Agency Reorganizations:

Several of these reorganizations were large in size (e.g., creation of the Department of Economic Opportunity), and numerous mass loads were processed to input the data into People First. In June and July 2011, mass loads were processed as part of the Northwood Shared Resource Center (NSRC) creation and for moving all law enforcement employees from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. During the month of August, the team processed over 60 mass loads for the Department of Economic Opportunity creation, abolishment of Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI), and transferring employees from DCA and AWI to other agencies.

Contract Amendment:

On June 27, 2011, the Department and NorthgateArinso (NGA) executed a contract amendment to the People First contract with a one-time credit of $480,000 for Fiscal Year 2011-12. The Amendment also clarifies that NGA and subcontractors will comply with the Governor’s executive order to enroll and participate in the E-Verify program.

Annual Workforce Reports:

In August 2011, the Data Warehouse team completed all reports for the annual workforce report. The team began work in early July to extract data from the monthly historical file for July 2011. Once the data extracts were completed and verified they were used to create approximately 40 excel files containing employee, benefit and position data. DMS Division of Human Resource Management (HRM) HRM used these excel files to populate the Fiscal Year 2010 -11 Annual Workforce Report.

Years of Service Award for Governor’s Office:

The Data Warehouse team produced a “Years of Service” report (for Leon County only) for the Governor. This report is used by the Governor’s office to recognize State employees for their service to the state. The team worked with the Governor’s Office to develop this monthly report of employees with 20 or more years of service. In September 2011, per the Governor’s Office request, the report was changed to reflect employees with 15 or more years of service.

Davis Productivity Awards:

In 2011, the People First team won two notable cash awards for their work on the 2009 contract negotiation and July 2010 major system release. The nomination of "Reduced People First Contract Cost and Enhanced System" summarized the development and implementation of negotiation strategy that achieved a contract cost savings of $45 million. The award for "Upgrade Critical Software for the People First System" implemented critical software upgrades and 135 major system enhancements at no additional cost to the State. These efforts helped save Florida taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in cost reductions and cost avoidances, while improving efficiencies and customer service. Read more about the Davis Productivity awards.

Moving Governor’s Office OPS from Standard Biweekly Payroll to Monthly:

With the move of the Division of Emergency Management to the Executive Office of the Governor, the Governor’s office decided to transition their OPS employees to the monthly OPS pay cycle (15th to the 14th). In October 2011, the team provided step-by-step guidance to the Governor’s office on how to make this change. The change was completed by the Governor’s office with an effective date of October 28, 2011.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) – 4 Survey and Biennial Reports:

The EEO-4 survey, formally known as the State and Local Government Report, is collected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in odd-numbered years from State and Local governments. In October 2011, the Data Warehouse team completed the Federal EEO-4 survey. They worked diligently with HRM staff on this project and on October 28, 2012, HRM certified the data and completed this biennial task.

3% Retirement Contribution Analysis:

In the fall of 2011, the team analyzed employee salary and retirement payments received in July and August to determine if the payments were for time periods worked prior to July 2011 (when the 3% retirement contribution went into effect). On November 15, 2011, a final estimate of $1,728,425 in payments paid in July and August for time worked prior to July was provided to the Governor’s Office.

Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards:

In December 2011, it was announced that the DMS People First team in conjunction with NorthgateArinso won the Silver award in the Best Use of Performance Support category from the Brandon Hall Group; also known as the 2011 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. The Best Use of Performance Support category is for written descriptions of a workplace learning program that provides snippets of information and help at the point of need to aid performance. The training was developed to help employees through the major July 2010 system release upgrade, new login page, new home page, improved timesheets, new leave payout screen, etc. The learning materials greatly contributed to the success of the system release.