Department of Management Services

2016 Accomplishments

Posted: 11/04/2016

Edited: 11/17/2016


Chard Snyder

On January 1, 2016, the State’s Flexible Spending Account/Health Saving Account provider transitioned from WageWorks to Chard Snyder.  The new Benny card replaces the MyMRA card, the Tallahassee State Bank HSA  card, and can be used to pay for eligible expenses for a participant’s dependent care FSA.  On September 30, 2016, Chard Snyder successfully rolled out the mobile app for program participants. This free app can be downloaded from the ITunes app store or Google Play.

 Here are some of the other improvements:

  • Dedicated call center with customer service focus
  • No monthly fee to participant HSA accounts regardless of the balance
  • More robust and intuitive system and training materials
  • Audit tracking and storing history for last four years
  • No state banking prefunding requirements
  • Deploying strategic approaches to increase auto substantiation from 82 percent average to over 90 percent.

Open Enrollment (OE) Electronic Confirmation Statements Cost Savings

As part of the team’s OE process enhancements in 2012, a “go green” option was made available to all OE participants.  Participants can elect an electronic confirmation statement and decline a mailed paper statement. NorthgateArinso passes along this recurring cost avoidance to the state.  The number of participants that declined the paper mailing for 2016 Plan Year OE was 7,907.  NorthgateArinso reimburses the State for the first class, pre-sorted mailing rate ($0.381) for each un-mailed statement.  As a result, the State of Florida realized a credit of $3,012.57 in the month of Jan. 2016.

Bulk Mailing Cost Savings

The January 2016 NorthgateArinso invoice had a credit in the amount of $312,393 for bulk mailing and associated postage costs avoided by NorthgateArinso in calendar year 2015. NorthgateArinso is responsible for bulk mailing costs typically associated with communications around annual open enrollment activities. Since the State moved to an electronic benefits guide, NorthgateArinso has avoided these mailings and agreed to reimburse the State for the avoided costs. The State and NorthgateArinso will recalculate avoided mailing costs and establish this credit each year through the end of the contract.   

People First Annual Survey

The People First annual survey was emailed to 25,000 randomly selected employees and retirees with email addresses. The survey ran from March 7, 2016 through March 18, 2016. We received nearly 3,000 responses that responded with a 78% overall satisfaction rate. Ideas and suggestions from the annual surveys are used to feed the team’s Potential Work Item list for possible system enhancements and are shared with NorthgateArinso to facilitate system and service center improvements. Click here for more information on the 2016 Annual Survey.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Redesign

The previous IVR that supported the People First system and services was cumbersome, inefficient, and needed to be streamlined to better service the customers of People First.  In early 2016, the People First team began working on the IVR redesign project.  Goals of the project were to:

  • Reduce customer effort to get needed information
  • Increase service efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The time saving results are significant.  Based on post-production IVR testing, the time it takes for a participant to complete an average call through the IVR is just under 1 minute (previous average of two minutes).  An average of 35,000 calls are received through the IVR each month.    The new IVR realizes a cost avoidance of $134,400 annually.