Department of Management Services

2017 Accomplishments

Posted: 09/01/2017

Edited: 09/01/2017


New Performance & Talent Management System

On January 7, 2017, the People First Team successfully rolled out its new State of Florida job site, hiring center and performance management systems. These new sites were designed to improve the overall experience for applicants and employees and offer enhanced usability and a modern look. This project was a large undertaking and required People First staff to work with personnel from other agencies to determine how best to develop the sites to meet the unique needs of all of our state agencies. The team also worked hand in hand with its vendor, NorthgateArinso, to ensure that the state was receiving the best product possible.

The team worked extremely hard over many months to ensure the successful launch of these systems, and their diligence and attention to every minor detail paid off. These new sites will enhance the state’s ability to draw top talent to state government and streamline the performance management process for our current employees and managers.

People First Annual Survey

The People First annual survey was emailed to 25,000 randomly selected employees and retirees with email addresses. The survey ran from March 6, 2017, through March 17, 2017. More than 2,100 responses were received resulting in a 78% overall satisfaction rate. Ideas and suggestions from the annual surveys are used to feed the team’s Potential Work Item list for possible system enhancements and are shared with NorthgateArinso to facilitate system and service center improvements. Click here for more information on the 2017 Annual Survey.

Refund Process

The People First team, Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI) and NorthgateArinso implemented a major process improvement that will save agency and university HR office time and reduce employee frustration. An automated People First system move money process was implemented that systematically moves employee overpayments for insurance plans to underpaid months for the same employee, for the same insurance type (e.g., health, life, supplemental). Prior to this enhancement, the process to move money required the state agency and university Human Resource (HR) office to manually create a request and submit to People First for processing. This new system enhancement went into effect on May 22, 2017, and will streamline and automate the move money process.

In addition, People First has automated the refund process for health and insurance participant premium overpayments. In conjunction with the above move money process, the automated refund process will eliminate agency and university HR offices’ manual process of manually requesting employee refunds due to insurance premium overpayments. A DSGI Management Advisory was distributed to agencies and universities on May 18, 2017, describing the process and indicating the People First Automated Premium Overpayment Refund Initiative implementation beginning May 27, 2017.

Insurance Reinstatement Process Rollout

On April 24, 2017, a new insurance reinstatement process was implemented.  We worked in conjunction with Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI) and NorthgateArinso to streamline the process when participants request reinstatements.  The service center agents and reinstatement team were trained on the new process and the online reference guide used by the service center staff was updated.  The People First team has received positive feedback from the service center staff and has heard an improvement in the satisfaction of the participants during weekly call calibration sessions.

Davis Productivity Awards

This year the People First team was honored with two Davis Productivity Awards.  The first nomination is for the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Redesign Project.  The previous IVR that supported the People First system was cumbersome, inefficient, and needed to be streamlined to better service the customers of People First.  Based on post-production IVR testing, the time it takes for a participant to complete an average call through the IVR was reduced from 2 minutes to just under 1 minute.  An average of 35,000 calls are received through the IVR each month.  The new IVR realizes a cost avoidance of $134,000 annually.

The second nomination was for the People First Next Generation Procurement and Negotiation Team who negotiated the People First Next Generation Human Resources (HR) outsourcing contract that reduced the annual contract price ($27.5 million over 5 years; $70 million over 10 years), leveraged the intellectual property and investment in the ERP SAP software, improved HR services and system functionality, enhanced vendor transparency, and strengthened vendor performance requirements. The People First Next Generation contract became effective on August 21, 2016.

Chard Snyder Live Chat Feature

On August 28, 2017, the People First team launched a new Live Chat feature for participants to use to contact Chard Snyder’s customer service representatives regarding their Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account Advantage accounts. Live Chat is an additional means for plan participants to connect with Chard Snyder to get answers to questions about how their plan works, which items or services are eligible, or other assistance with their account.