Department of Management Services

2018 Accomplishments

Posted: 08/27/2018

Edited: 12/13/2018


Chard Snyder Survey

Chard Snyder, the state’s Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account Administrator, sent their annual 2017 Participant Experience Survey to 2,000 randomly selected participants on Jan. 9, 2018. The survey included components related to satisfaction with customer service, claims processing, the Benny prepaid benefits card, participant portal, mobile app and overall satisfaction with Chard Snyder. The response rate was 19.7% and the overall customer satisfaction rating was 94.3% of respondents being either satisfied or extremely satisfied with Chard Snyder. While this is a good satisfaction rating, Chard Snyder is reviewing opportunities for improvement by considering the verbatim comments. Chard Snyder continues to improve awareness of the mobile app, online claim submission, investment information and provide general education of all participants.

Portal Upgrade

On Monday, March 26, 2018, approximately 230,000 People First customers were presented with a new and improved People First system. In fact, the system was officially deployed two days earlier than expected (Saturday, March 24, 2018) as a “soft” launch. Five years of planning, building, testing, training, and step-by-step communication with a variety of stakeholders resulted in a very successful system deployment. This project has been a monumental undertaking since it began in 2013. This was a coordinated effort between the Department of Management Services People First Division and NorthgateArinso who spent countless hours ensuring all steps in the process were effectively carried out while staying on schedule. For the first three days after deployment, there were 160,734 successful logins and 6,679 successful password resets. Initial comments have been overwhelmingly positive and employees have commented on the improvements in functionality, aesthetics, and intuitiveness. Florida now has a system that can grow and transform along with the needs of our state for years to come.

Prudential Productivity Awards

The People First Division won two Prudential Productivity Awards.  One award was for the People First Contract Administration and Service Center Oversight Team comprised of Andrea Simpson, Gina Moat, Lydia Stafford, Rachel Roberts and Norma Davis. The award was for the team’s efforts in implementing call calibration sessions with the People First Service Center to monitor the quality of calls. The other award was for the Insurance Reinstatement Process Improvement Initiative and the team was comprised of People First Division members Andrea Simpson, Gina Moat, Lydia Stafford, Jimmy Cox and several Division of State Group Insurance team members.  Members of the division attended the Prudential Productivity Award ceremony which was held on June 5, 2018. 

Legislative Appropriations System/Planning and Budgeting Subsystem (LAS / PBS) Annual Transfer

The People First Division successfully completed the annual fiscal year transfer of employee salary and position data from the People First system to the LAS / PBS system. The transfer of People First data expedites the collection of information needed for financial analysis and for executive and legislative decision making. The transfer of People First data into LAS / PBS is critical as the information is used by agencies to produce their annual Legislative Budget Requests and is made available to the Executive Office of the Governor and the Legislature as part of the budgeting process.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Procurement

The Health Reimbursement Account Administrative Services procurement concluded on June 12, 2018, with a contract award to NorthgateArinso / Chard Snyder. The contract was signed on July 30, 2018. The People First Division and NorthgateArinso / Chard immediately held a kick-off meeting on Aug. 16-17, 2018 to determine implementation next steps. The timing of the implementation decisions are critical to meeting open enrollment communication and programming deadlines. The HRA product will be available to Shared Savings Program participants beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

July 1, 2018 Pay Increases

As part of the 2018 legislative session, law enforcement employees, Juvenile Justice Detention Officers and Firefighters received a legislative pay increase effective July 1, 2018. During this period, the People First Division worked with the impacted state agencies to process a mass load for their eligible employees. The mass load process allowed us to process 6,172 pay changes and 278 pay additives in an automated fashion, reducing the administrative burden on the agencies.

Chard Snyder Benefit Card Redesign

The redesigned Chard Snyder benefit card was launched on Sept. 1, 2018.  While the card has a new look, participants will still experience the same convenience they are used to with the current Benny card. Participants will still be able to use their Benny cards until they expire. The new Chard Snyder card will be sent to new enrollees and anyone who requests an additional card or reports their card as lost / stolen / damaged, after Sept. 1, 2018. The benefit card allows participants to pay for eligible expenses at the cash register in stores and at doctors, dentists, orthodontists and optical providers. The card recognizes which items and services are eligible for the state’s plan. It can also be used at some dependent care locations, too. To date, 95 percent of claims are auto-adjudicated, meaning once the participant swipes the benefit card, no additional documentation is needed to substantiate the claim. From the inception of the Program with Chard Snyder (Jan. 1, 2016), 25,643 benefit cards have been activated by participants, accounting for more than 250,000 benefit card swipes, representing 90 percent of the claims processed.

Data Center Migration

The People First provider, NGA, completed the data center migration, swapping the production and back-up data sites between Atlanta (now production site) and Jacksonville (now back-up site). As part of this move, the production environment was moved to new, updated servers. The People First Division participated in numerous readiness activities and validation activities to ensure this transition occurred smoothly. Additionally, Division members visited the new production data center site (with our IV&V consultant in attendance) to ensure everything was in order. Overall, the migration was very smooth and successful, and provided a slight increase in the performance speed of the People First system.

SAP Business Objects Reporting Solution Implementation

On Oct. 29, 2018, People First transitioned from the legacy front-end reporting tools and ad hoc reporting functionality to SAP Business Objects (BOBJ). SAP BOBJ, Web Intelligence (WebI), replaced the existing Oracle APEX toolset, as well as the existing Cognos Impromptu ad hoc toolset. People First Division staff managed a project plan that resulted in: (1) providing ad hoc data warehouse user training to 91 “super” users, representing 30 agencies over seven three-day sessions; (2) developing a significant amount of training materials including an online video and user guides; (3) communicating and briefing users and various stakeholders; (4) implementing a go-live process that required six stage gates being met prior to implementation; (5) implementing post-deployment Hypercare activities to ensure any issues were resolved quickly; and (6) holding additional computer lab help sessions for agency staff. The benefits of transitioning to BOBJ included the following:

  • Eliminated the need for over 500 agency ad hoc users to maintain client-specific querying software (i.e., IMPROMPTU) on their computer.
  • Leveraged the latest SAP reporting tools versus using outdated (i.e., Oracle APEX) and unsupported tools (i.e., IMPROMPTU).
  • Improved data security by requiring re-authorization of data warehouse access for data warehouse ad hoc users, including approval by the agency’s HR officer.
  • Consolidated all reports into one seamless user experience for pre-build/canned reports.

2019 Plan Year Open Enrollment (OE) & Shared Savings Program

As part of the People First Portal Upgrade, the Division worked closely with the service provider to redesign the insurance benefits enrollment process in a manner to allow employees to easily make changes to their insurance benefits. Additionally, the Division worked with the service provider to implement a new online password reset process that included two factor authentication. These processes were built with OE in mind and were built to be secure and user friendly. As a result of these changes, the 2019 OE Period, saw a significant increase in employee self-service. The number of employee elections increased compared to prior years (2014-2017) with over 97 percent of the elections being completed online and less than 3 percent being completed through a call to the service center. In prior years (2014-2017), the online percentage averaged 95 percent. Password resets increased during open enrollment to approximately 91 percent being handled online, where in prior years this was a much lower online percentage.