Department of Management Services

Contract Documents

On November 18, 2015, the Department signed the Next Generation People First Contract with NorthgateArinso, Inc.  The objective of this contract is to maintain the interactive, web-based Human Resource Information System (known as “People First”) and to provide an enterprise-wide suite of support services to manage human capital. These services include, appointments and status, attendance and leave, benefits administration, classification and organizational management, learning management, payroll preparation, talent management (performance and recruiting management) and reporting. The Next Generation People First Contract went into effect on August 21, 2016.  This page provides helpful contract documents associated with People First.


Health Reimbursement Account Administrative Services Contract

Health Reimbursement Account Contract - July 30, 2018 (Adobe PDF Document 1.58 MB)


Next Generation Contract

People First Next Generation Contract - November 18, 2015 (Adobe PDF Document 2.22 MB)

Supplemental Next Generation Contract Documents

People First Business Case - Jan. 31, 2014 (Adobe PDF Document 2.70 MB)


Amended & Restated Contract Documents

Amended and Restated Contract - December 2009 (Adobe PDF Document 9.98 MB)

Amended & Restated Contract Supplemental Documents

  OPPAGA Report - January 2009

  EquaTerra HRO Service Provider Transition Analysis - May 2010 (Adobe PDF Document 1.95 MB)

  NorthgateArinso Consent Agreement - May 2010 (Adobe PDF Document 315.94 KB)

  Guaranty Agreement - May 2010 (Adobe PDF Document 315.76 KB)


Original Contract Documents (Pre- 2009)

Original Contract dated August 21, 2002 (Microsoft Word Document 789.00 KB)


Original Contract Supplemental Documents

Business Case - September 2001 (Adobe PDF Document 386.17 KB)

Business Plan - September 2001 (Adobe PDF Document 1.60 MB)