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People First is the State of Florida's online, self-service human resource information system (HRIS) that supports more than 232,000 state employees and retirees with: appointments and status, time and attendance, insurance benefits administration, classification and organizational management, payroll preparation, performance management, recruitment and reporting. This page provides helpful documents and training materials for state employees.

Helpful Documents and Links

 Password Information

 Password FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 230.17 KB)

 People First New Employee Checklist [07-25-19] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 699.81 KB)

 Talent Management (Performance and Recruiting)


Employee Training Materials

 Password Reset Video

 How to Enroll in Insurance Benefits in People First Video

 Employee Video

 Employee PowerPoint [March 2018] (Microsoft Power Point Document 17.89 MB)

 Employee User Guide [March 2018] (Adobe PDF Document 2.05 MB)

 Employee FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 293.55 KB)

 Benefits Enrollment Process User Guide [11-19-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 988.71 KB)

 Timesheet FAQs [01-23-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 525.90 KB)

 Leave and Overtime Request FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 257.40 KB)

 FLSA Compensatory Leave FAQs [12-11-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 437.62 KB)


Manager Training Materials

 Manager Video

 Manager PowerPoint [March 2018] (Microsoft Power Point Document 15.11 MB)

 Manager FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 186.77 KB)

 PAR FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 274.02 KB)


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