Department of Management Services

Password Requirements

The following requirements will make your password strong and help keep your information secure. The system will require you to change your password every 90 days.

Your password must:

  • Contain 8-30 characters
  • Begin with a letter
  • Contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number
  • Not contain any spaces
  • Not contain these special characters: ^ = " { }
  • Be different from the last ten passwords you used

Make your password stronger by following these tips:

  • Select quality passwords which are easy for you to remember
  • Do not make your password be anything somebody else could easily guess or obtain using your personal information, such as family or pet names, telephone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, Social Security Numbers, etc.
  • Not found in dictionaries since these are vulnerable to attack
  • Free of consecutive, identical characters
  • Use a word you can remember, but replace some of the letters with numbers, for example Fl0r1da!
  • Add one of the following special characters to make your password more secure: @ $ % & / ( ) + ? ' ` * ~ # ! - _ . , ; : [ ] \ < > |
  • Keep passwords confidential-don't share with coworkers or family members
  • Avoid keeping a record of passwords (paper, software file or handheld devices)
  • Change your password if you think password has been compromised
  • Use different passwords for your business and personal accounts
  • Don't include passwords in any automated login process, such as storing it in a macro or function key