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HR Professional User Guide


HR Professional User Guide

This user guide is created to assist HR professionals with their day to day tasks using the People First system. The guide covers topics from logging in to the system, creating position requisitions, to approving timesheets and running end-of-fiscal-year reports. When completed, we hope that the user guide is a meaningful and helpful reference that makes performing HR functions quick and easy.


HR Professional User Guide - Compiled Version

The HR Professional Guide is currently under construction. This document will be updated as new instructional guides are published.

HR Professional User Guide [07-11-17] (Adobe PDF Document 18.33 MB)


HR Professional User Guide - Detailed Listing

The detailed listing of the user guide is currently under construction. An asterisk (*) in front of a instructional guide title means the guide has not yet been published. As instructional guides are published, the asterisk will be removed and replaced by a link to the guide.

Table of Contents [07-11-17] (Adobe PDF Document 360.05 KB)


Section I: General System
411 Information - Employee [01-08-14] (Adobe PDF Document 179.95 KB) Privacy Indicators - Employee [06-27-11] (Adobe PDF Document 237.40 KB)
411 Information - Human Resources [01-18-14] (Adobe PDF Document 584.46 KB) Privacy Indicators - Human Resources [06-27-11] (Adobe PDF Document 502.81 KB)
Home Page [02-01-11] (Adobe PDF Document 111.42 KB) Salary and Employment Verifications [08-09-11] (Adobe PDF Document 48.07 KB)
Internet Browsers-Accessing People First [08-11-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 408.22 KB) Security Role Code Definitions [03-21-17] (Adobe PDF Document 720.89 KB)
Log In Page [01-26-11] (Adobe PDF Document 140.99 KB) Security Role Code Screen/Org Code Range Allowance [01-11-11] (Adobe PDF Document 73.24 KB)
Password Requirements [01-11-11] (Adobe PDF Document 222.90 KB)


Section II: Benefits
*Benefits Eligibility Key Information
Health Insurance Tax Forms [02-03-17]  (Adobe PDF Document 375.82 KB)


Section III: Human Resource Administration
Appointment Status Details Screen [02-04-15] (Adobe PDF Document 118.87 KB) *PAR Intercept Process
*Drug Screening Record *PAR Pay Changes
Key Service Dates [03-13-14] (Adobe PDF Document 139.84 KB) *PAR Separations
*Personnel Action Request (PAR) Appointments *PAR Search Process
*PAR Employee Actions


Section IV: Leave & Attendance
Alternate Time Entry Screen [09-16-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 348.99 KB) Special Comp Updates After the Grace Period Has Ended [10-13-14] (Adobe PDF Document 63.70 KB)
Creating and Linking Charge Objects [09-14-16] (Adobe PDF Document 560.23 KB) *Timesheet Approval, Rejection Process
End-dating Charge Objects [09-14-16] (Adobe PDF Document 333.86 KB) *Timesheet "unapprove" Process
General Leave Processing [06-17-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 339.60 KB) Time Evaluation Process [06-15-16]  (Adobe PDF Document 362.72 KB)
Leave Balance Adjustments [09-16-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 377.25 KB)
Leave Balance Transfer [08-27-12] (Adobe PDF Document 230.08 KB)
Leave Balance Overview [06-15-16] (Adobe PDF Document 399.57 KB)


Section V: Organization Management
Agency Reorganization Process in People First [10-13-15] (Adobe PDF Document 392.03 KB) Creating or Modifying FLAIR Org Codes in People First [10-13-15] (Adobe PDF Document 211.65 KB)
Creating Budget Entity (BE) in People First [10-13-15] (Adobe PDF Document 215.73 KB) Creating State Program Component (SPC) in People First [10-13-15] (Adobe PDF Document 216.69 KB)
Creating FLAIR Account Code [10-13-15] (Adobe PDF Document 216.10 KB) Position - Work Mailing and Location Addresses [02-10-17] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 647.22 KB)
*Creating HR Organization Units


Section VI: Payroll
Double Deductions for Benefits [08-20-15] (Adobe PDF Document 63.98 KB)
Leave Payout Process [06-08-16] (Adobe PDF Document 555.38 KB)


Section VII: Performance & Talent Management
New! Initiating a Corrective Action Plan [07-07-17] (Adobe PDF Document 833.36 KB)
New! Opening A Requisition with an Assessment [07-07-17] (Adobe PDF Document 2.29 MB)


Section VIII: Reports
Reports Summary Matrix [02-10-17] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 703.63 KB)
Benefits Reports
Agency Open Enrollment Elections Completed Report [10-02-12] (Adobe PDF Document 429.71 KB) OPS Employee Report [07-07-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 569.25 KB)
Benefits Changes Report [08-20-14] (Adobe PDF Document 140.83 KB) OPS Leave of Absence Report [07-08-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 519.49 KB)
Benefits Cancellation Report [10-20-14] (Adobe PDF Document 150.98 KB) Payroll Deductions Retro Posting Report [08-20-15] (Adobe PDF Document 248.37 KB)
Benefits Early Effective Date Report [08-09-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 393.76 KB) Premium History Report [08-20-14] (Adobe PDF Document 153.96 KB)
Benefits Underpayment/Overpayment Report [08-09-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 484.74 KB)
Benefits Eligibility Report [09-16-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 457.94 KB)
Measurement Period Report [07-08-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 484.42 KB)
New Hire Monitoring Report [07-08-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 499.82 KB)
Budget Reports
*Agency Leave Liability Budgeted Positions Report [04-21-11] (Adobe PDF Document 187.22 KB)
*Agency Leave Liability by Funding Id LAS/PBS Budget [04-21-11] (Adobe PDF Document 297.68 KB)
*Agency Leave Liability by Leave Type LAS/PBS Budget Entity/FLAIR Org Level [08-11-11] (Adobe PDF Document 198.39 KB)
Average Salary by Pay Grade Report [04-21-11] (Adobe PDF Document 162.42 KB) Rate Report [06-27-11] (Adobe PDF Document 249.70 KB)
Average Salary by Class Code Report [04-21-11] (Adobe PDF Document 314.94 KB)
Human Resource Administration Reports
Active Facilities [02-10-17]  (Adobe PDF Document 540.66 KB) OPS Fiscal Year-To-Date Report [12-09-16] (Adobe PDF Document 487.03 KB)
Agency Address Verification Monitoring Report [07-21-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 416.71 KB) Overlap and Shared Positions [06-24-11] (Adobe PDF Document 132.36 KB)
Appointment Status Expiration Report [04-25-11] (Adobe PDF Document 134.89 KB) PAR Audit Report [02-04-15] (Adobe PDF Document 129.22 KB)
EEO Utilization - ALM [02-26-16] (Adobe PDF Document 533.43 KB) *PAR Liaison
*EEO Workforce Position FTE Totals by Pay Plan [08-09-11] (Adobe PDF Document 100.86 KB)
Employee Roster [01-23-12] (Adobe PDF Document 235.13 KB) Position to Facility Relationship [02-10-17]  (Adobe PDF Document 581.83 KB)
Employee Transaction [07-20-12] (Adobe PDF Document 325.60 KB) Separated Employees [09-24-12] (Adobe PDF Document 375.06 KB)
Employee Transaction Condensed [07-20-12] (Adobe PDF Document 300.56 KB) Service Awards [06-27-11] (Adobe PDF Document 139.27 KB)
*Groups (Requisition/Timekeeper) Turnover Report [05-24-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 689.40 KB)
Licensure Expiration [02-12-16] (Adobe PDF Document 420.03 KB) Vacancy Report [03-29-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 624.55 KB)
New Hires [05-11-16] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 535.58 KB)
Leave and Attendance Reports
*FMLA/FSWP Tracking *Timesheet Audit
Leave Audit Report [02-12-16] (Adobe PDF Document 394.71 KB) *Timesheet Information
Leave Balance Report [08-09-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 492.00 KB) Timesheet Interface Error Report [10-12-15] (Adobe PDF Document 427.88 KB)
Leave Summary Report [09-20-16] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 420.19 KB) *Timesheet Summary
Missing Timesheet [06-27-11] (Adobe PDF Document 107.53 KB)
Special Compensatory Leave Audit [08-27-12] (Adobe PDF Document 249.96 KB)
Payroll Reports
*File 1 Payment History *Payroll Changes
*Leave Without Pay *Payroll Overpayment
Miscellaneous Deductions [06-24-16] (Adobe PDF Document 383.85 KB) *Potential Overtime
*Pay Additive Monitoring Retroactive Payments Sent to BOSP [08-09-11] (Adobe PDF Document 103.51 KB)
Payments Not Sent to BOSP [08-09-11] (Adobe PDF Document 111.37 KB)
Performance & Talent Management Reports
Performance & Talent Management [02-03-17] (Adobe PDF Document 1.10 MB)
Training Reports
Training Library Report [12-28-10] (Adobe PDF Document 115.78 KB) *Training Transcript
*Training Summary