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HR Professional User Guide


HR Professional User Guide

This user guide is created to assist HR professionals with their day to day tasks using the People First system. The guide covers topics from logging in to the system, creating position requisitions, to approving timesheets and running end-of-fiscal-year reports. When completed, we hope that the user guide is a meaningful and helpful reference that makes performing HR functions quick and easy.


HR Professional User Guide - Compiled Version

The HR Professional Guide is currently under construction.


HR Professional User Guide - Detailed Listing

The detailed listing of the user guide is currently under construction.


Section I: General System
Internet Browsers - Accessing People First [04-20-18] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 411.23 KB)
Password Requirements Updated [04-20-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 920.90 KB)
Security Role Code Screen - Org Code Range Allowance [01-03-19] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 669.31 KB)


Section II: HR Administration
Coming Soon!


Section III: Insurance Benefits
Coming Soon!


Section IV: Organization Management
Creating Budget Entity [04-24-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 216.92 KB)
Creating FLAIR Account Code [04-24-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 223.80 KB)
Creating FLAIR Org Code [04-24-15] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 212.81 KB)
Creating State Program Component [04-24-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 217.69 KB)


Section V: Payroll
Coming Soon!


Section VI: Talent Management
How to View Completed Evaluations for Inactive Employees [12-08-18] (Adobe PDF Document 527.09 KB)
Initiating a Corrective Action Plan [11-19-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 794.37 KB)


Section VII: Time and Attendance
General Leave Processing [04-24-18] Updated  (Adobe PDF Document 310.38 KB)


Section VIII: Reports
Budget Reports
HR Reports
Insurance Benefits Reports
Payroll Reports
Talent Management Reports
 Time and Attendance Reports
Training Reports