Department of Management Services

March 2018 People First Portal Upgrade

The Department of Management Services deployed the new and improved People First portal on March 26, 2018. As a State of Florida employee, you use the People First system to complete your timesheet, enroll in insurance plans, and complete many other HR-related activities. The new People First system has a modern look and feel and you will find that the system is more intuitive than ever before. Some of the new system functionality includes the ability to look up your Login ID and to reset your password using the latest in password security technology; using your mobile phone or email. Also, you can now use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari browsers to log in. As with any new system, it may take a little getting used to, but you’ll soon see how easy it is to navigate and find what you are looking for. But just to give you a little extra help in getting used to the system, we have developed online help videos and other materials listed below to assist you. The new system was created with you in mind, from its improved look and feel and ease of use to the many new features that allow you to focus less on performing HR activities and more time on your core mission as an important and valuable employee of the State of Florida.


Training Materials

For Employees:

People First Employee Video (not compatible with Firefox)
People First Portal Upgrade Introduction Video
People First Employee PPT Final with CC (Microsoft Power Point Document 17.89 MB)
Employee User Guide [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 2.05 MB)
Benefits Enrollment Process User Guide [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 988.71 KB)
Employee FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 293.55 KB)
Timesheet FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 525.90 KB)
Leave and Overtime Requests FAQ [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 257.40 KB)
Password FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 230.17 KB)


For Managers:

People First Manager Video (not compatible with Firefox)
People First Manager PPT Final with CC (Microsoft Power Point Document 15.11 MB)
Manager FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 186.77 KB)


For Human Resources Staff:

HR Training - Intro Final [03-01-18] (Adobe PDF Document 1.31 MB)
HR Training - Appointments and Status Final [03-01-18] (Adobe PDF Document 1.04 MB)
HR Training - Insurance Benefits Final [03-01-18] (Adobe PDF Document 718.88 KB)
HR Training - Org Management Final [04-23-18] Updated (Microsoft Power Point Document 2.58 MB)
HR Training - Payroll Final [03-01-18] (Adobe PDF Document 703.01 KB)
HR Training - Time and Attendance Final [03-01-18] (Adobe PDF Document 785.14 KB)
PAR FAQs [01-23-18] (Adobe PDF Document 274.02 KB)
HR Training - BENO [02-13-18] (Adobe PDF Document 1.67 MB)


Key Communications 

People First Portal Upgrade Best Practices [07-25-18] Final (Microsoft Power Point Document 1.05 MB)
01 Summary People First Portal Upgrade [03-06-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 874.77 KB)
02 Agency-Required Technical Updates for March 2018 Portal Upgrade [02-28-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 690.88 KB)
03 Downtime to Implement the People First Portal Upgrade [02-27-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 505.46 KB)
04 Data Warehouse - Changes to Views and New Data Warehouse Catalog [03-12-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 467.98 KB)
People First Employee Photo Guidelines [03-15-18] (Adobe PDF Document 422.41 KB)
People First Portal Upgrade Final Agency Readiness Meeting Presentation [03-01-18] (Adobe PDF Document 759.72 KB)
Underpay Letter for February-March Mailings [02-19-18] (Adobe PDF Document 259.53 KB)
Portal Upgrade Messages [03-06-18] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 348.63 KB)
Agency Go-Live Checklist [11-16-17] Updated (Adobe PDF Document 573.13 KB)
Agency Portal Upgrade Data Cleanup Items [11-08-17] (Adobe PDF Document 208.53 KB)
People First Portal Upgrade Kick-off Meeting Presentation [11-08-17] (Adobe PDF Document 752.76 KB) 
Benefit Only Employer Go-Live Checklist [12-04-17] (Adobe PDF Document 555.81 KB)
State University System Portal Upgrade Interface Workbook [12-14-17] (Microsoft Excel Document 213.45 KB)