Department of Management Services

The Florida Journey

HR Magazine  published an article focused on the State of Florida’s People First initiative, titled “Salvage, Don’t Scrap”. This article, in the June 2011 edition, provides an historical account of the initiative, contract negotiations and major system release successes, as well as tips to leaders of any organization considering a large outsourcing project.

HR Magazine has a circulation of more than 250,000 and may be considered the most widely read human resources publication in the world, offering perspective and in-depth information to HR professionals. The magazine is published by one of the world's largest professional associations (Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM) devoted to human resource management. If you are a SHRM member (login is required) and would like to view the article, please click on the following link:

In addition, the article is supplemented by a white paper: “The Florida Journey  (Adobe PDF Document 425.58 KB)”, written by David DiSalvo. This paper outlines the journey from beginning through 2011. (Note: An update to this article is in the process of being written.) In mid-July 2010, the State of Florida successfully launched an upgraded People First system. Adhering to best practices learned from the initial implementation, and applying proven project management principles and practices, the enhanced system is in use now with positive feedback from our customers and key stakeholders.

We experienced numerous milestones and significant events along the way that contributed to today’s success. Florida’s People First has been a case study as many industry analysts, state and local governments, and others watched and inquired about the state’s progress. Please click on the The Florida Journey (Adobe PDF Document 425.58 KB) ” to view our story.