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The FRS Online link takes you to a secure website where FRS employers may enter and submit their monthly retirement files, review Investment Plan elections and distributions, pay invoices, submit death notices, review lists of retirees and more.

The Employer Handbook page is provided for payroll staff and retirement coordinators of FRS employers. The handbook was first published online in Feb. 2003, but currently published chapter(s) contain more recent revisions. All FRS Employers are encouraged to regularly update their handbooks.

The Contribution Rates page has the retirement and health insurance subsidy contribution rates in effect from July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020, for the Florida Retirement System and retirement programs available under the system. (Links to contribution rates for prior years are also available.)

The Information Releases pages contain notices to FRS employers of policy or procedural changes that may affect them or their employees.

The Florida Retirement System (FRS) Employer Training Workshops page provides information about upcoming dates for employer training workshops, how to register for a workshop and the content schedule.

 Forms Used by Employers

Form ID Form Description
CERT (Adobe PDF Document) New Employee Certification Form
DPR-100 (Adobe PDF Document) Certification of monthly salaries for service on which no contributions were reported or for the purchase of past service
DPR-100CALC (Adobe PDF Document) Certification and explanation of salary amounts to assist in audits for leaves of absence and salary adjustments
DPR-100M (Adobe PDF Document) Certification of monthly salaries that would have been earned for members who were on a military leave of absence
FC-1 (Adobe PDF Document) Final Salary Certification
FR-13a (Adobe PDF Document) Statement of Disability by Employer
SMSD-1 (Adobe PDF Document) Senior Management Service Class Designated Position Form
WC-1 (Adobe PDF Document) Certification of Workers' Compensation


FRS Quick Clips

  • FRS Online Access for Employers - PowerPoint presentation that explains the steps necessary for FRS employers to log in to FRS Online
  • Workers' Compensation - PowerPoint presentation that explains the process for FRS participating employers to report workers' compensation payments.


Retirement Coordinator Orientation Materials


SB 7022 Informational Material

Webinars - Please note these files are large and may take a moment to load in your browser.


Helpful Links and Resources

  • FAQs Employer (Adobe PDF Document) - Document that provides answers to questions frequently asked by employers participating in the FRS.
  • Glossary (Adobe PDF Document) - Document that provides definitions intended to help you understand retirement terms used throughout this website. The definitions and explanations provided relate primarily to the uses of such terms under the FRS Pension Plan.
  • Order Publications - Employers can request multiple copies of publications published by the Division of Retirement. You may use the interactive order form posted on the employer page of the MyFRS website to order publications and new hire material; or visit the Publications page of the division's website to view, print or download publications. You may also contact the Division of Retirement with your publications request. Outside the Tallahassee calling area, you may reach the division toll free at 844-377-1888. Otherwise, you may reach the division by phone at 850-907-6500, or you can contact the division by email at

Helpful Links

Link to FRS Online

FRS Online is a secure website administered by the Department of Management Services, Division of Retirement. This website provides:

  • Pre-retirement information to active Pension Plan members.
  • Post-retirement information to retired Pension Plan members.
  • Post-retirement information for members receiving the Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS) benefit.
  • Post-retirement information for other monthly benefits administered by the Division of Retirement including the Florida National Guard Supplemental Retirement Program.

Link to MyFRS website

The MyFRS website is a secure website is administered by the State Board of Administration. This website provides:

  • Access to the Financial Guidance Program with planning models and choice tools to help employees utilizing their first or second election to make a choice between participation in the FRS Pension Plan or the FRS Investment Plan.
  • General financial guidance and pre-retirement financial planning for all FRS members.
  • Pre-retirement information for active Investment Plan members.
  • Post-retirement information for retired Investment Plan members.