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2019 Legislation

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Proposed Bills

The following retirement bills and related bills of significance to members of the FRS and other public retirement plans have been filed for consideration for the 2019 regular session of the Florida Legislature. The bills listed by subject area and their corresponding summaries on this page represent the most current version of each bill.  You can jump to a brief summary via the bill's link in the subject listing below. From there, if you click on the underlined bill number, you will access the "Online Sunshine" legislative page for that bill. At this website, you can view any version of a bill, review a bill's progress and locate any related bills.

Bills Listed by Subject Area

FRS Pension Plan Benefits, Right and Features:
Forfeiture of Benefits - HB 41

Local Governments:
Administration - HB 41  

Retirees and Retiree Benefits:
Reemployment - HB 137

Summary of Proposed House Bills 

HB 41 Details - 
This bill by Representative Drake would provide for forfeiture of benefits of correctional facility employees who commit certain violations; provide enhanced penalties for offenses involving introduction of contraband in correctional facilities when committed by correctional facility employees.

HB 137 Details
This bill by Representative Good would provide that retired instructional personnel may immediately after termination become employed by school district as substitute teacher; authorize retired instructional personnel to be reemployed as substitute teacher and continue receiving retirement benefits; provide requirements for such reemployment.

Summary of Proposed Senate Bills