Department of Management Services

Quarterly List of Non-Compliant Plans

As required by section 112.63(4), Florida Statutes, the department reviews and comments on each plan’s actuarial valuations at least triennially. If the department finds that the actuarial reports are not complete, accurate, or based on reasonable assumptions, or otherwise materially fail to satisfy the statutory requirements, or if the department requires additional material information to complete its review, then the department requests that the material error or reporting deficiency be corrected. If the plan does not provide the requested materials or correction within a reasonable period of time, the department may take agency action to encourage compliance.

The following plans were found to be “not state accepted” for compliance with applicable statute and rule as of Sept. 30, 2018:


City Plan Type
City of Hialeah General, Police and Fire
Hollywood Firefighters
Hollywood Police Officers
Hollywood General Employees
Miami-Dade County Early Retirement Plan General Employees
Palm Tran, Inc. General Employees


When a plan is found to be “not state accepted,” the department communicates the issues to be resolved and follows up with the plan at regular intervals to ensure that the responsible parties are aware of the review status. The department works with the plan and sponsor to facilitate appropriate responses or corrections to the actuarial reports. Consequently, the list of noncompliant plans often changes. The department will update this list quarterly.