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The FRS Online link takes you to a secure website where you can access your personal retirement account information and can calculate informal benefit estimates based on assumed retirement ages.

The Forms page provides access to forms available to members. You may fill out most of these forms online.

The Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) page provides useful information about DROP and provides the forms necessary to apply.

The Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) page provides instructions and model forms for establishing a qualified domestic relations order.

The Audit/Estimate link allows you to request an official audit or estimate of your FRS retirement account (this is a secure transaction).


FRS Retirement Videos

State Employee Retirement Seminar - This link provides helpful information to those individuals who are at or nearing normal retirement. This seminar includes the following presentations:

  • The Division of Retirement provides an explanation of benefits under the FRS Pension Plan and useful information in preparation for retirement from the FRS Pension Plan. Members will also be provided an estimate of benefits, procedures and requirements to follow when applying for retirement benefits and information about federal withholding taxes, direct deposit of monthly benefits, the health insurance subsidy and reemployment after you retire.
  • The Division of State Group Insurance provides attendees information on continuing State Group Insurance benefits upon retirement from a state agency.
  • The Bureau of Deferred Compensation of the Department of Financial Services provides attendees with valuable information regarding the Deferred Compensation Program.
  • The MyFRS Financial Guidance Program Estate Planning provides you with information to assist you in understanding the importance of protecting yourself and your entire family. The presentation will answer questions on how FRS and Social Security benefits affect your survivors, why you should have a will, living will, power of attorney, and other essential estate documents. In addition it will review a number of financial risks life may pose, and how you can use medical, disability, property, long-term care and life insurance to help protect against such risks.
  • The Social Security Administration provides attendees information on Social Security benefits and Medicare.

Understanding Your Benefits under the FRS Pension Plan - This link provides FRS Pension Plan members, whether at the beginning of their career, nearing retirement or somewhere in-between, a better understanding of the FRS Pension Plan and answers to questions such as:

  • When am I vested under the FRS Pension Plan?
  • When am I eligible to retire?
  • How are benefits calculated?
  • What is DROP?
  • How can I get an estimate?


FRS Quick Clips

  • How to Log In to FRS Online - PowerPoint presentation that explains the steps necessary for FRS active members to log in to FRS Online.
  • Beneficiary Designation Before You Retire - PowerPoint presentation that explains the process for FRS Pension Plan members to designate and change their beneficiary information before they retire.
  • Retirement without DROP - PowerPoint presentation that discusses the eligibility and application process for FRS Pension Plan members planning to retire without participating in DROP.
  • DROP Retirement - PowerPoint presentation that discusses the eligibility and application process for FRS Pension Plan members planning to participate in the Deferred Retirement Option Program.
  • DROP Termination Process - PowerPoint presentation that explains the process for a member participating in DROP to terminate and begin receiving their monthly benefits along with their DROP payout.
  • Benefit Payment Options - PowerPoint presentation that explains the differences between the four benefit payment options available to FRS Pension Plan members when they retire


Helpful Links and Resources

  • FAQs Member (Adobe PDF Document) - Document that provides answers to questions frequently asked by members of the FRS Pension Plan.
  • FAQs Direct Deposit (Adobe PDF Document) - Document that provides answers to questions frequently asked about direct deposit.
  • Glossary (Adobe PDF Document) - Document that provides definitions intended to help you understand retirement terms used throughout this website. The definitions and explanations provided relate primarily to the uses of such terms under the FRS Pension Plan.
  • Optional Service Credit (Adobe PDF Document) - Handout that explains certain types of service you may be able to purchase under the FRS Pension Plan to increase your retirement benefit.
    • In-State and Out-of-State Service (Adobe PDF Document) - Handout that explains the options available to you regarding the purchase of creditable service under the FRS Pension Plan and discusses the features, requirements and cost of purchasing retirement credit for your in-state and out-of-state public service.
  • What Option Should You Choose? (Adobe PDF Document) - Information that assists you in selecting your retirement option.
  • Joint Annuitant Information (Adobe PDF Document) - Information that assists you in determining if a beneficiary qualifies as a joint annuitant.
  • Where to Write for Vital Records - Link to assist members with obtaining birth certificates and marriage documents.
  • Social Security Online - Request a Social Security Statement, apply for your Social Security Benefit online or obtain other information.
  • Social Security Retirement Estimator - Allows you to get an immediate and personalized estimate of your potential Social Security retirement benefits to help you in your retirement planning.
  • Social Security Retirement Planner - Provides detailed information about your Social Security retirement benefits under current law and points out things you may want to consider as you prepare for the future.

Helpful Links

Link to FRS Online

FRS Online is a secure website administered by the Department of Management Services, Division of Retirement. This website provides:

  • Pre-retirement information to active Pension Plan members.
  • Post-retirement information to retired Pension Plan members.
  • Post-retirement information for members receiving the Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS) benefit.
  • Post-retirement information for other monthly benefits administered by the Division of Retirement including the Florida National Guard Supplemental Retirement Program.


Link to MyFRS website

The MyFRS website is a secure website is administered by the State Board of Administration. This website provides:

  • Access to the Financial Guidance Program with planning models and choice tools to help employees utilizing their first or second election to make a choice between participation in the FRS Pension Plan or the FRS Investment Plan.
  • General financial guidance and pre-retirement financial planning for all FRS members.
  • Pre-retirement information for active Investment Plan members.
  • Post-retirement information for retired Investment Plan members.