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FRS Important Notice

Retirement Plan Risk

All retirement plans, including the FRS Pension Plan, have risk. When the funding of the FRS Pension Plan is less than 100 percent, benefits or contribution levels may be affected. The FRS Pension Plan funding valuation takes place annually and was 83.9 percent funded, as of July 1, 2018. You can view the chart (Adobe PDF Document) that compares the plan's actuarial liabilities to the plan's actuarial assets for the past five years. The annual benefits payments to FRS retirees and beneficiaries are part of the overall plan liabilities.

Selecting a retirement plan is an important decision. Before making a plan decision, examine all available options. The FRS offers an investment plan which gives you the ability to control your retirement funds. Before making any retirement plan decision we strongly encourage all employees to take advantage, at no cost or obligation, of the Advisory Services provided by EY at 866-446-9377.

Please note that the following guides are large files and may take a while to display or download. Copies of these guides may be obtained from your human resource office or from the Research and Education Section.


Member Handbook

Member Handbook (Adobe PDF Document) - Guide to retirement benefits provided for members of the FRS Pension Plan.

Note:  The FRS Member Handbook replaces the individual retirement guides which have been provided in the past for members of the Regular Class, the Special Risk Class, the Elected Officers' Class and the Senior Management Service Class. All the information has been combined into the FRS Member Handbook.


Ready. Set. Retire.

Ready. Set. Retire. (Adobe PDF Document) - Guide that provides information useful to you when you are preparing for retirement from the FRS Pension Plan. It describes the procedures and requirements to follow when you apply for retirement benefits. As you retire and begin receiving monthly benefits this guide also provides information about federal withholding taxes, direct deposit of monthly benefits, the health insurance subsidy, and reemployment after retirement.



Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) (Adobe PDF Document) - Guide that discusses potential advantages and disadvantages of the FRS DROP, explains program participation requirements, answers commonly asked questions and provides examples.


Disability Benefits

Disability Benefits (Adobe PDF Document) - Guide that informs members of the FRS Pension Plan and Investment Plan of the process and requirements of applying for disability retirement benefits.


Survivor Benefits

Survivor Benefits (Adobe PDF Document) - Guide that informs members of the FRS Pension Plan and Investment Plan about survivor benefit coverage and eligibility.