Department of Management Services

Division of State Group Insurance

The Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI) offers and manages a comprehensive package of health and welfare insurance benefits for active and retired state employees and their families, including:

  • a variety of health insurance options
  • flexible spending and health savings accounts
  • life insurance
  • dental, vision and other supplemental insurance products

We procure, manage and audit insurance vendor contracts and programs to meet the needs of our customers and remain cost efficient. We also provide subject-matter expertise, information, and tools to help policymakers decide the best ways to produce cost savings and improve benefits.

The Bureau of Financial and Fiscal Management establishes and manages fiscal policy and control of the insurance benefit programs, provides financial and budget oversight, manages vendor payments, administers premiums, monitors contractors’ financial compliance, and conducts audits.

The Bureau of Policy and Development establishes insurance product procurement priorities; administers procurements; manages contracts and programs; ensures compliance with pretax cafeteria plan requirements; communicates insurance benefits information to members and stakeholders; coordinates open enrollment activities; and investigates and completes appeals.

State employees and retirees, for more information about state plans and other benefits, visit the MyBenefits website.