Department of Management Services

For HR Offices


Fiscal Forms and Spreadsheets

Agencies must use the following forms to request refunds or move monies. Instructions are included with each form.

Move Money Form [2017] (Microsoft Excel Document 54.50 KB)

Universities and other non-warrant agencies must use the spreadsheet below to request refunds. Instructions are on tab 2.

OPS University and Non-warrant Agency Refund and Adjustment Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel Document 68.52 KB)
University and Non-warrant Agency Refund and Adjustment Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel Document 68.70 KB)
DSGI Collection Summary (Microsoft Excel Document 40.50 KB)
EFT (Microsoft Excel Document 25.54 KB)


Policy Documents

Measurement Matrix 2016 (Adobe PDF Document 495.23 KB)


Management Advisories

The Division of State Group Insurance issues Management Advisories to human resource offices to communicate policies and procedural guidance concerning State Group Insurance benefits.

MA 19-010 Spam Calls and Emails During Open Enrollment (Adobe PDF Document 116.96 KB)
MA 19-009 OPS Employee Measurement Impacted by Office Closures Due to Hurricanes Michael and Dorian (Adobe PDF Document 111.19 KB) 
MA 19-008 Weight Management Pilot Program Year 3 (Adobe PDF Document 113.22 KB)
MA 19-007 2020 Premium Rates (Adobe PDF Document 94.42 KB)
MA 19-006 Open Enrollment Reminders (Adobe PDF Document 131.01 KB)
MA 19-005 Standard Control Formulary (Adobe PDF Document 162.85 KB)
MA 19-004 COBRA Changes (Adobe PDF Document 273.37 KB)
MA 19-003 New Directions (Adobe PDF Document 613.82 KB)
MA 19-002 New Benefits For 2019 (Adobe PDF Document 95.52 KB)
MA 19-001 1095 Reporting for Plan Year 2018 (Adobe PDF Document 321.05 KB)

Archived Advisories

MA 18-013 IRS Employer Mandate Notice (Adobe PDF Document 233.92 KB)
MA 18-012 Weight Management Pilot Extension (Adobe PDF Document 426.51 KB)
MA 18-011 Spam Phone Calls and Emails on Open Enrollment (Adobe PDF Document 112.26 KB)
MA 18-010 Weight Management Pilot Program (Adobe PDF Document 443.75 KB)
MA 18-009 Open Enrollment for 2019 Plan Year (Adobe PDF Document 741.36 KB)
MA 18-008 E4 Talkspace Launch (Adobe PDF Document 281.11 KB)
MA 18-007 Planning Calendar and Communication Resources for Open Enrollment (Compressed File 3.64 MB)
MA 18-006 Premium Rate Changes for 2019 (Adobe PDF Document 150.86 KB)
MA 18-005 Ongoing Quality Assurance for Dependent Eligibility Verification (Adobe PDF Document 1.25 MB)
MA 18-004 FICA Tax Savings (with attached SUS and BENO Collection Summary and Detail Sheet) (Adobe PDF Document 226.55 KB)
MA 18-003 HSA Annual Contribution and FSA Deadlines (Adobe PDF Document 356.04 KB)
MA 18-002 1095 Reporting for Plan Year 2017 (Adobe PDF Document 280.77 KB)
MA 18-001 DEVA Phishing Alert (Adobe PDF Document 127.61 KB)
MA 17-017 DEVA 2 (Adobe PDF Document 132.66 KB)
MA 17-016 DEVA (Adobe PDF Document 155.43 KB)
MA 17-015 IRS Notice (Adobe PDF Document 283.03 KB)
MA 17-014 Spam Phone Calls Representing Health Care Provider (Adobe PDF Document 123.82 KB)
MA 17-013 Healthcare FSA Limit Increase (Adobe PDF Document 236.85 KB)
MA 17-012 Weight Management Pilot Program (Adobe PDF Document 145.79 KB)
MA 17-011 2018 Open Enrollment Reminders to Employees (Adobe PDF Document 424.78 KB)   
 - Employee OE Insert (Adobe PDF Document 362.30 KB)
MA 17-010 OPS Employee Measurement Impacted by Hurricane Irma (Adobe PDF Document 288.65 KB)
MA 17-009 Open Enrollment Reminders (Adobe PDF Document 452.03 KB)
 - Benefit Fair Schedule (Adobe PDF Document 336.15 KB)
MA 17-008 Marketplace Notice (Adobe PDF Document 120.87 KB)
 - 2020 Marketplace Exchange Notice (Adobe PDF Document 1,013.96 KB)
MA 17-007 Dependent Eligibility (Adobe PDF Document 120.46 KB)  
 - Dependent Eligibility Postcard (Adobe PDF Document 215.41 KB)
MA 17-006 Dependent Verification Eligibility Quality Assurance Program (Adobe PDF Document 255.10 KB)
MA 17-005 Automated Employee Premium Overpayment Refund Initiative (Adobe PDF Document 236.92 KB)
MA 17-004 Quality Assurance Review of Dependent Eligibility for Insurance Coverage (Adobe PDF Document 565.85 KB)
MA 17-003 Flexible Spending Account Deadlines (Adobe PDF Document 337.93 KB)
MA 17-002 1095 Reporting for Plan Year 2016 (Adobe PDF Document 346.08 KB)
MA 17-001 Premium Rates (Adobe PDF Document 269.76 KB)
MA 16-014 OPS Eligibility Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2017 (Adobe PDF Document 278.83 KB)
MA 16-013 Employee Premium Overpayment Refund Initiative (Adobe PDF Document 113.64 KB)
MA 16-011 Open Enrollment (Adobe PDF Document 329.37 KB)
MA 16-010 Open Enrollment Reminders (Adobe PDF Document 680.29 KB)
MA 16-009 Transition to a New EAP Admin - E4 Health (Adobe PDF Document 633.38 KB)
MA 16-007 Optional Life Calculation (Adobe PDF Document 274.93 KB)
MA 16-006 Premium Rates - December 2016 for January 2017 Coverage (Adobe PDF Document 234.55 KB)
MA 16-005 IRS Form 1095 C Update (Adobe PDF Document 243.88 KB)
 - Ernst & Young Letter 1095 Reporting Accuracy (Adobe PDF Document 307.31 KB)
MA 16-004 My Health Turnaroundâ„¢ Diabetes Prevention Program (Adobe PDF Document 121.82 KB)
MA 16-003 Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC) 1095-B Forms Sent in Error (Adobe PDF Document 110.34 KB)

MA 16-002 1095 Reporting for Plan Year 2015 and Plan Year 2016 (Adobe PDF Document 128.03 KB)

IRS 1095 IRS Documents for HR Offices:
     IRS Poster (Adobe PDF Document 238.71 KB)
     Letter (Adobe PDF Document 179.45 KB)
     One-Pager (Adobe PDF Document 292.55 KB)
     Sample Article for Newsletter (Adobe PDF Document 194.83 KB)
     Voicemail Script (Adobe PDF Document 173.21 KB)

MA 16-001 State of Florida Qualifying Status Change (QSC) Event Matrix (Adobe PDF Document 236.49 KB)
MA 15-010 Premium Rates (Adobe PDF Document 234.46 KB)
MA 15-009 Transition to a New Administrator - Chard Snyder (Adobe PDF Document 386.91 KB)
MA 15-008 CHLIC Rates (Adobe PDF Document 111.58 KB)
MA 15-007 Open Enrollment (Adobe PDF Document 276.38 KB)
MA 15-006 Life Insurance Coverage and Premium Changes (Adobe PDF Document 169.21 KB)
MA 15-005 Open Enrollment Dates for the 2016 Plan Year (Adobe PDF Document 205.45 KB)
MA 15-004 Retroactive Payroll Posting Process (Adobe PDF Document 240.82 KB)
MA 15-003 Revised Leave without Pay and Employer Contributions (Adobe PDF Document 259.80 KB)
MA 15-002 Flexible Spending Account Deadlines (Adobe PDF Document 333.47 KB)
MA 15-001 Legal Spouse (Adobe PDF Document 234.37 KB)
MA 14-007 2015 Plan Year MRA Annual Contribution Increase (Adobe PDF Document 231.81 KB)
MA 14-006 Premium Changes Dec 2014 for Jan 2015 (Adobe PDF Document 233.99 KB)
MA 14-005 Continuing SGI Benefits as a Retiree (Adobe PDF Document 258.34 KB)
MA 13-011 Surveys (Adobe PDF Document 107.01 KB)
Letter: Wage Deductions (Adobe PDF Document 61.20 KB)
Letter: Collection Proceedings (Adobe PDF Document 60.54 KB)